Spezial-Seminar: Chinese Customs Law and relevant Chinese foreign trade provisions

Kurzfristig bietet die AWA das englischsprachige Spezial-Seminar "Chinese Customs Law and relevant Chinese foreign trade provisions" an zwei Terminen im März an. Ergänzend dazu em­pfehlen wir Ihnen das Webinar "China-EU: Mutual recognition of Authorized Economic Operators" im Februar.

Seminar und Webinar wird Prof. Dr. Qiuyuan Zhu (Deputy Director of the Customs Law Research Center of Shanghai Customs College // Senior Consultant of Haoliwen Partners) halten, die zurzeit einen Forschungsbesuch am Institut für Steuerrecht der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster absolviert.

Beachten Sie darüber hinaus auch die detaillierten Aus­schreib­ungen auf der AWA-Website.


// China's Customs Law and relevant foreign trade provisions

Legal practice of China's Customs Law and being aware of and avoiding risks


• am 15.03.2016 in Münster
• am 17.03.2016 in München


• Part One: Tariff Legislations

    • Overview of the tariff legislations in China
    • The legal issues and risks analysis relating to customs valuation and classification
      ,such as the price transferring and royalties
    • Legal Suggestions

• Part Two: Customs Formalities and Procedures for Entry and Exit 

    •  Procedures and formalities of the general import and export clearance
    •  Introduction of the practice of China's customs brokers
    •  China's AEO system and Mutual Recognition with EU
    •  New preferential and facilitation policies and pilot programs carried out in China

• Part Three: Inward Processing and Free Zones

    • Two methods of customs supervision on the inward processing operated
      in the different area
    • Categories of free zones in China and their trend in future
    • New preferential policies and pilot measures applied in China's Free Zones

• Part Four: IPR Customs Protection


// China-EU: Mutual recognition of Authorized Economic Operators

How can the EU's company get the mutual recognition from china and what advantages they will have after getting the recognition


• am 22.02.2016 von 11:00 bis 12:30 Uhr


• Criteria and standards of AEO status of China
• Procedure of application for the AEO status of China
• How can the German enterprises acquire the recognition of their AEO status
  by China' s Customs?
• What are the advantages of acquiring the recognition of AEO status by China' s Customs?
  The preferential treatments of AEO in China
• What kinds of the trading partners is the better choice of the German enterprises from
  the perspective of trade facilitation?
• How can the German enterprises identify the customs status of Chinese trading partners?