EU und USA einigen sich auf gegenseitige Anerkennung der Sicherheitsprogramme

Algirdas Šemeta, EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti- Fraud hat nach einem Meeting mit den Vertretern der USA am 29.11.2011 in einer Stellungnahme die gegenseitige Anerkennung der C-TPAT und AEO-programme bis Ende Juni 2012 angekündigt.

A huge step forward has been taken in the EU-US trade relationship – and in securing the supply chain at global level.

Yesterday, I met with Secretary Napolitano and had an open and frank discussion of how we cooperate in this field. Following further contacts this morning, I am pleased to announce that the EU and USA have agreed to mutually recognise each other's security certified operators. This means that smooth trade and secure trade will now go hand-in-hand.

In recognising each other's safe traders, we are enabling them to enjoy lower costs and simpler procedures at customs, as well as greater predictability and fewer delays in moving goods. In Europe, 4,600 Authorised Economic Operators have been waiting eagerly for this. They stand to become more competitive, as they and their US trading partners will spend less time and resources on validation of their security standards. The 10,000 members of C-TPAT will have a much wider choice in certified counterparts, securing the supply chain from end to end In short, this agreement will make trade easier and cheaper for companies, at a time when they particularly need such facilitation and support It will start to take effect no later than July 2012, once the I.T. systems are set up. So businesses and traders do not have long to wait before they see the benefits Mutual recognition will also contribute to the enhanced security of both our trade lanes and our citizens, by allowing customs to concentrate their resources on targeting real risks.

As discussed today, we need to continue to work together to make the global supply chain more resilient and better protected against attack. Mutually recognising each other's programmes is a concrete move in that direction.

This mutual recognition agreement is the result of years of work, involving all EU Member States. It clearly proves the benefits of Trans-Atlantic cooperation. In these times of economic difficulty, such a business-friendly and trade-friendly agreement is truly something to be welcomed.