BIS Offers Strategic Trade Authorization Interactive Compliance Tool

the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has posted an online tool to help users of License Exception Strategic Trade Authorization (STA) determine if they are eligible to use and will be in compliance with License Exception STA.
•    The tool can be found in the On-Line Training Room of the new BIS website.
•    On the existing BIS website.
•    The tool can also be found on the Export Control Reform website
underneath the left sidebar item “For Exporters.”

This tool is purely voluntary and serves as a checklist to identify and verify the key eligibility and compliance requirements of license exception STA.  Using this tool does not guarantee eligibility. It is
important for all exporters to review the requirements of the EAR, specifically §740.20.

The tool will provide a list of questions to the user.  If the answers are consistent with the provisions of STA, the user will continue to proceed through the tool. If one of the answers is not consistent with
STA, the tool will prompt the user to review the requirements of the EAR pertaining to license exception STA under §740.20 of the EAR. The tool also provides the definitions of key terms in case the user is not familiar with the terms in the tool.  After completion of the tool, the user can print out a summary of the questions and answers.

Quelle: Bureau of Industry and Security

Verfasst von: Matthias Merz, Geschäftsführer der AWA AUSSENWIRTSCHAFTS-AKADEMIE, Münster